Announcing: A New Leadership Training for Administrators in Mileposts districts

By: Marcia Rausch

The last few months we have been taking some time to analyze our current Mileposts districts.  Districts showing a significant academic growth interested us a great deal.  The findings pointed to leaders who were actively engaged in their role of implementing Mileposts, which led to making substantial gains across the board.  This led us to develop a Leadership Training Module focused on setting expectations and building in sustainability.  When asking questions of their leadership, we found that they had set certain expectations for their staff in regards to the use of Mileposts, as well as established strategies to instigate staff conversations.  This included using the embedded data to determine appropriate interventions and differentiated instruction, using the interventions and plans to document RTI process, and sustainability strategies with staff.  You may already have done this, or be doing it, but we wanted to offer it to you as an additional training option for you, your principals, and district leaders as an option.

Let us know if you would be interested in us presenting this to your administrative staff (plan on about an hour and 15 minutes), as well as sharing the latest version and what is coming for the fall of 2012.

You can reach me at 208.258.2570 (w) or 208.481.0394 (c) or via email at mrausch@silverbacklearning.com

Thank you!

Marcia Rausch

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Posted: May 20th, 2012