Flipping Physics in Texas

We are pleased and excited to announce the addition of veteran educator, Katie Lanier to our SXSWedu panel presentation, Flip it Flip it Good. Katie Lanier has been a teacher for 12 years and has taught at Allen High since 2004.  Allen High is included in the Allen Independent School District, which serves a suburban community 23 miles north of Dallas, TX.   Allen ISD recently named Lanier as one of its teachers of the year, where fellow educators and school administrators chose her from a group of 22 campus teachers of the year.

Katie teaches physics and scientific research and design and uses a flipped classroom format for her class, which reverses the conventional teaching method by having students watch lectures recorded by their teacher at home and perform their “homework” at school.  The success and effectiveness of the flipped model is evident in Lanier’s classes.  Recently quoted, “The flipped class makes a big difference. I spend one-on-one time with each student every class period so I know who’s struggling.”

Take 3 minutes to watch and listen to physics teacher Katie Lanier explain how she flipped her classrooms at Allen High School, Texas.

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Posted: September 6th, 2013