Gooru Newsletter September 2014

September 2014
We’re proud to announce that Gooru is no longer in beta. We’ve given our website a makeover with a brand new look that explains what Gooru does, features our community, and includes materials to get started and involved in our mission. Read on to see what this means for you and your classroom.
Gooru selected as laureate of The Tech Awards
We are proud to announce that we are laureates in the education category in the 2014 The Tech Awards, a signature program of The Tech Museum of Innovation, and presented by Applied Materials, Inc. It is an honor to be recognized alongside other organizations and tech innovators tackling humanity’s challenges.
Explore Collections in New Libraries
Our school district and content partners have built libraries with great collections to share with the Gooru community! Check out great content in

Explore the great new content in these libraries under the Libraries tab in the top menu bar.

An Easy Way to Browse Standards

Now, it’s easy to browse and select the standards you want to use when searching for resources/collections or tagging a collection with standards. Browse Common Core, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, Next Generation Science Standards, and California State Standards.

A Makeover for the Collection Player
We’ve streamlined our collection player to make it easier to navigate, share, and remix the collections you discover. Please note that some action buttons have moved to the bottom of the player!

On the collection home page, use the “Share” button to share or assign. Use the “Remix” button (previously labeled “Customize”) to save the collection and remix it.

More Comprehensive Class Reports
We’ve added new ways to visualize student and class progress through the collections you assign.
  • In the Scored Questions tab, see how your students performed on question items and their recorded answers.
  • In the Open-Ended Questions tab, view students’ written responses and leave feedback for each student.
  • In the Collection Breakdown tab, see insights such as time spent and average student reaction for each resource in the collection.
New Features in the Gooru Classes iPad App
For those of you who use iPads in the classroom, on the Gooru iPad app you can now view both student progress and student summaries for each of your classes as well as a list of students who have joined the class.
Become a Gooru Coach!
Throughout August, we’ve been having a great time welcoming Gooru Coaches to our office in our “Train the Trainer” program. These teachers, administrators, and tech specialists had an intense day of learning about Gooru, building their own collections, and planning out months of professional development so they could share Gooru at their schools.

Do you want to become a Gooru Coach and lead a chapter of the Gooru community? Join us for trainings in our Palo Alto office on Mondays–the next is on September 22nd. Or, participate in our 3-session webinar course–the next begins on September 30th. Find more info and registration links here.

To share with other teachers, administrators, curriculum developers, and edtech enthusiasts who are interested in transforming teaching and learning with technology, join the Gooru Educator Community Facebook group.

School Feature: Student-led Summer School at Leadership Public Schools

Leadership Public Schools (LPS) in Hayward, CA took a revolutionary approach to summer school in 2014. Using Gooru, teachers at LPS created a self-paced student curriculum for high school English.

How it worked
The four-week program was split into two units, one on literary text and another on expository text. After each lesson, which students studied on their own using Gooru collections created by LPS teachers, they performed an activity or wrote an essay to demonstrate their comprehension and mastery of skill. As they were working, they could ask for individualized help from the summer school tutors, college students who were also proud alumni of LPS.

LPS saw many highly-motivated and engaged students in the program, some of whom finished the program in almost half the time allotted. Students such as Sara, above, mentioned that they liked the clear goals set forth in each lesson, and that it was helpful to know what was coming next in the unit.

How do you teach with Gooru?
We want to know! Share your story with us.

Partner Highlight: National Geographic Geo-Educator Community
In the Geo-Educator Community library, find lessons, activities, and professional development resources for and by educators who are committed to teaching their students about our world. Join the conversation and hear about events at National Geographic’s new Geo-Educator Community at www.geo-education.org.
We’re hiring!
We’re looking for fellow mission-driven nerds to join our team and help us honor the human right to education. The following positions are open–look to our careers page to learn more!

Need Help?

Check out Gooru Support for step-by-step instructions and answers to all of your questions.
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Posted: September 18th, 2014