So What Happened?

So what happened when state lawmakers in Idaho, the legislature’s K-12 interim committee, got together to hear from school district administrators and teachers on the use of Mileposts?

We saw once again that our customers are truly the best.  Bonneville Joint School District Superintendent Dr. Charles Shackett and Technology Director Scott Woolstenhulme joined Blaine County School District teacher Mrs. Lacee Peterson to stress the importance of allowing school districts to choose their own learning solutions to best support their needs.
They shared that the Mileposts implementation process was smooth and user satisfaction high. They also highlighted benefits such as how Mileposts leverages real-time, easy-to-consume data to give teachers what they need to successfully and sustainably deliver personalized education to every student, and do it consistently throughout the course of the school year.
Mileposts is the one student achievement solution that consistently improves performance across every one of the 16 states currently using it. Our districts uniformly appreciate the collaborative process of implementing Mileposts, training users, supporting teachers and consistently receiving high level customer service every step of the way.
That approach is paying off in the classroom. For example, the Bonneville School District recently received a #1 ranking in eastern Idaho, with the most schools to receive 4 and 5 stars in the state’s 5-Star Rating accountability system, and they credit Mileposts with helping them achieve these impressive results.
Mileposts was built by educators, with educators, for educators. And this shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration continues as we see demonstrable improvements in student achievement across 16 states,
We want to express our thanks to the Idaho Legislature Interim Education Committee for their commitment to learning more about what works for the teachers and students to raise achievement across Idaho. We hope they can find a way to provide qualified options so that districts can select the best solution to meet their own needs.
Our thanks also to Dr. Charles Shackett and Scott Woolstenhulme from Bonneville Joint School District #93 and Lacee Peterson from Blaine County School District for presenting to the Idaho Legislature’s Interim Education Committee and showing them why Silverback Mileposts is a Student Achievement Solution in Idaho that works as promised for teachers and students.

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Dr. Jim Lewis
Silverback Learning Solutions

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Posted: November 7th, 2013