June 21 @ 12:00pm

Audience: All

Description: Attendees in this session will learn what attributes of blended learning really make a difference. Participants will also learn how they can create a blended classroom right now through the application of blended learning models, technologies, and teaching techniques. The session will include an overview, demonstration, and application of each component to help equip each attendee with ideas they can use to begin transforming their classrooms. Attendees in this session are encouraged to bring their own device and headphones to the session so they can participate in the hands-on application of strategies used.

Presenter: Dr. Reberry is the Director of Education Programs at Idaho Digital Learning. IDLA provides eLearning expertise, virtual services and leadership in collaboration with Idaho educators to meet Idaho student needs. Prior to IDLA, Sherawn has experience as a principal and assistant superintendent. Reberry received her Doctorate in Education in 2002: Educational Leadership, emphasis in Instructional Technology. Her dissertation titled “Teaching with Technology: Professional Development Opportunity for Teachers.” Her dissertation looked at how professional development affects teachers and the use of technology in their classrooms.



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Posted: May 23rd, 2016