Jeff Charbonneau Returns to Silverback Summit

Jeff Charbonneau,  a former National Teacher of the Year, is Closing Keynote Speaker at Summit ’15.

Back by popular demand, nationally recognized educator and speaker Jeff Charbonneau returns to close out Summit ’15, keynoting the conference – closing luncheon on July 1 in Boise. This event is open to the public.

“What if?”  It’s a question that many stop asking themselves as they enter adulthood. But research has shown that those who keep their minds open to possibilities and persist in the face of challenges are far more likely to find innovative solutions to problems and succeed at their goals.

In his small Washington State school district, pursuing the answer to that question gave STEM teacher Jeff Charbonneau, 2013 National Teacher of the Year and Summit ’14 Closing Keynote speaker, the motivation and focus he needed to help his students do amazing things, from starting a nationally recognized research project to hosting weekend robotics competitions and taking two-week mountain hiking expeditions.

“Being a true educator, somebody who is really an advocate for your students, boils down to one thing: You ask yourself on a regular basis, ‘What if?'” Charbonneau explains in his keynote. ” What if we could teach differently and embrace curiosity in our students? What if we allowed our students to be a little bit more curious and dig in the mud just a little bit more?”

Jeff expands on “What If” at this year’s Mileposts conference with a keynote and workshop titled,  “Building Your What If.” This is a must-attend event for everyone in the Treasure Valley who advocates for children.


Join us in Boise for lunch and Jeff’s Keynote. Please go here to purchase your tickets.

Watch Jeff’s ISTE 2014 keynote.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffCharbonneau

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Posted: April 30th, 2015