The featured District keynote speaker  this year will be  Jason Sargent, Superintendent,  St. Ignatius School District and recipient of the 2016 ‘Rilla Award for St. Ignatius High School. Jason will speak on the evolution of Personalized Learning.

St. Ignatius High School leadership, staff and students have taken a shared approach to lower discipline referrals, increase achievement, implement a true RTI system, use data for informed decision making, organized interventions for behavior, academics and attendance. St. Ignatius High School is the First Reservation School in Montana to be a P.B.I.S. “Gold” School. Mileposts and their  work with Silverback Learning helped them reach these goals and continue to improve their school and systems for students. They have an outstanding staff and students that make St. Ignatius a great place to be.

Mission’s Mileposts Pathways

 This will be a brief evolution of personalized learning. The expression of student and teacher views that one school has experienced with the implementation of Mileposts.  The importance of a significant adult and the systems that are imperative to real change.  The discussion and stories of student leadership and how the involvement of students and teachers can make a difference.  Positive people with the proper tools can uplift a system.  The importance of data and use of goal setting to impact the change in any school district.


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Posted: June 12th, 2017