Meet Prasad Ram and attend Gooru sessions at the Silverback Summit

The Silverback Team

Join us for a conference that is rich in content and high on energy. Experience inspiring and thought-provoking keynotes as well as presentations from Mileposts users, Silverback Learning Solutions staff, and our partners, Gooru and Linkit!, on ways to use data to improve education and decision making.

Meet Keynote Speaker

Prasad Ram

Prasad will give the opening keynote address on Thursday, June 20, 2013

Prasad Ram (aka Pram) is the founder and CEO of Ednovo, a non-profit education technology start-up that develops Gooru, a search engine for learning. While working at Google, Pram devised a prototype to address his problem of finding age and topic appropriate educational resources on the web. What began as a “20% effort” evolved into a year-long pilot in India that included 1,000 students across 25 classrooms. Pram subsequently left Google to pursue a non-profit education technology start-up that would develop Gooru, a search engine for learning. Pram has previously worked at Xerox Research, Dynamx Technology (co-founder), Yahoo! and Google. Pram has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA, and he obtained his B.Tech. in Computer Science from IIT-Bombay.

Gooru is a search engine for learning, allowing teachers to discover millions of education resources, organize them into collections or quizzes to be shared with students. Silverback and Gooru have created a unique partnership to benefit Mileposts educators and enriche the academic lives of Mileposts students by integrating CCSS and Gooru lessons in one click.

“Teachers are focused on maximizing student education in the classroom, and therefore are commonly time-challenged to search for and select the best matched educational materials for each and every student based on their individually assessed needs,” said Dr. Prasad Ram, CEO of Gooru.  “The combination of Silverback Learning and Gooru immediately simplifies this entire process, which seamlessly aligns student learning materials with Common Core State Standards to best meet their educational needs, and build upon the learning that happens in class throughout the day.  Teachers can more efficiently and confidently supplement their own strategies with the best available free content on the web, ranked by learning outcomes and usage by their peers around the world.  At the same time, this technology also empowers parents to work more actively in partnership with teachers and take a more productive role in studying at home.”

Come immerse yourself in the Silverback Summit 2013, Silverback’s annual user conference event and learn more about Gooru in 3 unique breakout sessions. 
Silverback partners fuel the Summit conference by sharing ideas, experience and insights.

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Posted: April 18th, 2013