Mileposts 2012.1 New Release!

By: Marcia Rausch and Jeff Smith

Mileposts 2012.1 New Release!

As of April 3rd, the latest and greatest version of the Mileposts™ Program is rolling out into all of our districts.  Listening to our members guides our thinking and actions in terms of new features and enhancements for each release.  Included in this release are the Common Core Standards, new Mileposts™ manuals, a blog feature, a new section for district news, and links to some of the best free resources out on the web.

Common Core State StandardsCommon Core Standards have been loaded!  This is the foundation for many exciting things to come for the curriculum elements of Mileposts™.  From this framework, we will be linking content curriculum and web-based resources (such as Curriki, Gooru, etc.), which can then be embedded in instructional units or lesson plans for teacher use.  This will also have the ability to link to instructional resources, formative and summative assessments tied to the Common Core. These lesson/unit plans could then be archived for use in the future.

The Silverback Blog will keep the public and our member districts up to date as to Silverback news, events, and tips/tricks for using the program.  Of course, attached to the blog is the comment section, giving all of you the opportunity to communicate your thoughts, suggestions, or questions.  We are excited to hear from you, so please – write on!

On the new Home page, districts will also have a space to add their own news, events, or announcements.  This truly gives districts a place to highlight current happenings of interest from within their own schools and/or community.

The Mileposts™ Program is unique in its ability to customize programs, plans, interventions, and templates for each district.  One of the newest features embedded in the program is the ability for districts to easily create custom templates for plans and/or interventions to match what they are currently doing for RTI.  In the past, this was a tedious process, needing multiple people involved in our Silverback offices.  Now, this is a much quicker and cleaner application.

In this new release, we have begun to list additional resources for teachers as they seek updated and vibrant sources to include in their instruction.  As of now, Gooru, Curriki, and the AZ State Standards (unpacked) have been linked.  Be watching for new resources to be added in the coming months.

The teaching of children is quickly evolving in our tech savvy society.  Silverback Learning Solutions is committed to feed educators valuable resources and tools to enrich and enhance what they already currently do so well.  Research states that the most important part of student achievement is a well-versed, enthusiastic, and passionate teacher.  Our mission is to serve those who work so diligently to help each child reach their potential.  Teachers hold the future of our society and world in their hands.  We, at Silverback Learning Solutions, hold teachers in high regard.

One response to “Mileposts 2012.1 New Release!”

  1. Darlene Noe Hotchkiss says:

    Thanks so much for your kind assistance to everyone from the Parma middle and high schools at today’s training session, 4/20/2012.
    I am following up on the brief conversation that Mr. Peterson and I had with Marcia about how nice it would be for the Mileposts system to issue a computer-generated “reminder” whenever interventive actions are due or close-to-due. We were happy to hear that this feature is on its way!
    Also, at the morning RTI training, we were told by those trainers of the importance of students’ ownership of their data and how their understanding of it can highly contribute to the educational process. It follows, then, that a parent/student log-in for access to just that individual’s Mileposts data would be invaluable. Once again, Marcia assures us that feature, too, is in the works.
    Thank you so much for developing a program that is so responsive to the needs of the schools.

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Posted: April 4th, 2012