Mileposts is Front and Center Today!

Two leading school districts from Silverback’s home state of Idaho will be presenting their teaching experiences and successes using Silverback Mileposts Student Achievement Solution to the Interim Education Committee today beginning at 10:00 AM (MST). State lawmakers will hear from Bonneville School District Superintendent Dr. Charles Shackett, technology services director Scott Woostenhulme, and Lacee Peterson, elementary teacher of the Blaine County School District. They were invited to present because of Bonneville School District 93’s #1 ranking in eastern Idaho ranking, with the most schools to receive 4 and 5 stars in the state’s 5-Star Rating accountability system. The District recently announced that by installing Mileposts they did not need to hire a full-time, dedicated assessment administrator and that Mileposts was able to compile the results and share with teachers more rapidly, meaning they could convert what used to be data gathering time into focused instructional time.

Silverback Learning Solutions was founded by Dr. Jim Lewis, a 40-year educator with one simple mission: to maximize achievement for all students, while not letting any one student fall through the cracks. As superintendent at Blaine County School District in Hailey, Idaho, Dr. Lewis insisted that personalized learning plans be put in place for each student. These plans not only included goals and responsibilities for teacher, student, and parent, based on as much relevant data as could be found and delivered to the classroom teacher, but also provide this information in a much more intuitive, easy-to-digest way that would help teachers make decisions at the point of instruction. From Dr. Lewis’ vision, the Mileposts system was brought to life by a team of educators and software engineers working side-by-side, defying the rapidly changing demographic conditions that were impacting Blaine County and much of Idaho over the past decade. The core members of the team continued to refine and iterate Mileposts over the past ten years as astounding results helped the solution leap from one district in one state to over 80 districts in 16 states, most recently including Massachusetts.

At the heart is still Dr. Lewis’ vision that Silverback Learning and Mileposts serve all children, including at-risk, second language, gifted children and special assistance children with consistency, and facilitate better communication among teacher teams, administrators, and families. Silverback Learning is now able to provide the best in class modern education solution for content and instructional management, made possible by our partnership with Gooru, housing millions of multimedia resources and quiz questions make it easy for teachers to discover topic relevant and standards-aligned K-12 content to address specific students needs.

Please join us in congratulating all the educators who are making a difference in the lives of their students each and every day and a special thank you to those who are presenting to Idaho’s lawmakers today. We continue to support and collaborate with you.

You can access the live-stream presentation to lawmakers here.

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Posted: November 5th, 2013