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The Mileposts Student Achievement Solution is a next-generation learning platform that has also won national awards as a District-wide Data Solution, contains a fully-embedded Gooru Learning Management System, and has its feet firmly planted in the functions Ed.Gov has prescribed for an Instructional Improvement System. No matter which moniker one chooses to use, here are the key functions that Mileposts provides to schools:
Student achievement data on all state and district-wide assessments, with reporting capabilities at the student, class/teacher, school, and district level, with service levels to ensure districts are sufficiently supported in the assessment upload process. Read more…
Personalized student learning plans that can be quickly and easily built from templates customized to district need (Personalized Learning, Graduation Readiness, Gifted and Talented, English Language Acquisition, 504 Plan for Students with Disabilities, etc.). Read more….
Multi-tier intervention system that plugs into the student planning feature, allows progress monitoring, includes behavior tracking, also templated to district needs. Read more about Converse County SD here.
English Language Development Program management (entry/withdrawal, referrals, program models, services provided, review sessions and status transitions), that can also be customized to fit any federal, state, or district program review process (Gifted & Talented, Dual Immersion, Title I Reading, etc.). Read about Gooding SD here.
Longitudinal Learning Portfolio maintains a per-student learner profile with all of the above information, longitudinally K-12, plus ability for students to upload highlighted work, plus ability to maintain and share student’s profile of testing accommodations and designated supports across a variety of assessment platforms. Read more…
Enable Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) by facilitating a community of collaboration around each student, while enforcing strict FERPA security guidelines to limit visibility of student data to authorized students, educators, and parents. Read more about Bonneville’s PLC community here.
Secure access (portal) for all stakeholders: Student, Parent, Teacher, Administrator.
Ability to analyze student and group or class strengths and weaknesses by standard or learning objective and prescribe or recommend instructional materials as supports or enhancements from a district-customized curriculum repository. Read more…
Business-level insights provided to school administrators on the programs, plans, interventions, and strategies their teachers are using and the effect that is having on aggregated, subgrouped, and individual students. Read more…
Automated integration to every district’s Student Information System to minimize district effort in maintaining shared data elements. Read more…

Silverback wins Best District Data Solution

Silverback wins Best District Data Solution

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Posted: April 8th, 2015