NWEA DesCartes Fully Integrated into Mileposts

The Silverback Team

Did you know that if you are an NWEA MAP user you can now access NWEA DesCartes learning continuum resource through Mileposts? We rolled out this feature in December and it is available to Mileposts subscribers for an additional fee. Mileposts users know how important quality data is in enabling educators to collaboratively plan and deliver individualized instruction. Adding DesCartes to the educator tool kit can help teachers translate the raw data from their students’ assessments into actionable plans for instruction, grouping and more.

DesCartes orders specific skills in reading, language usage, math and science by achievement level. Reading, language and math are further aligned to goal structures underlying the assessments. Because it is designed around achievement level, educators can use it as a way to gauge gaps between what a student is ready to learn, and what the curriculum is presenting. Armed with this knowledge, educators can develop goals and design instruction to help close the gaps.

Please contact your Silverback representative to find out how you can add NWEA DesCartes to your educator tool kit or call us today (208)258-2580.


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Posted: January 28th, 2013