Prasad Ram Keynotes at the Silverback Summit for Mileposts Users

The Silverback Team


Learn how to access a vast network of community-curated learning resources on Gooru through Silverback’s award-winning Mileposts instructional improvement system. 

Mileposts’ integration of Gooru capabilities allows educators to customize and share their favorite open educational resources according to student needs via individualized learning plans and interventions. “The nation’s schools are all striving for personalized learning environments provided at the local level, combined with more access and participation from parents.”states Dr. Jim Lewis, CEO, Silverback Learning. “The Gooru and Silverback partnership creates parent-friendly, personalized learning environments that are ready-made for schools anywhere and of any size.”

According to Dr. Prasad Ram, “The combination of Silverback Learning and Gooru immediately simplifies this entire process, which seamlessly aligns student learning materials with Common Core State Standards to best meet their educational needs, and build upon the learning that happens in class throughout the day.”

Prasad will be our keynote speaker on June 20. In this presentation from Strata 2013, Prasad Ram takes a look at the big picture, exploring how big data technologies may help us, in his words, “honor the human right to education” by creating the learning resource catalog Gooru.

Register today for the Silverback Summit 2013, Silverback’s annual user conference event and learn more about Gooru.

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Posted: May 3rd, 2013