Reclaiming the American Dream

Dr. Jim Lewis

A recent BBC article entitled “Downward Mobility Haunts US Education” was a well cited piece authored by BBC education correspondent Sean Coughlan, and provides some disturbing statistics regarding the decline in the US higher education system.  Some of the evidentiary conclusions include:

  • The US is now the only major global economy where the younger generation is not going to be more highly educated then their parents on our present course.
  • The US slipping to 14th in college graduation rates, with increasing college dropout rates.
  • The growing socio-economic divide in America is effectively “cutting off the supply” between secondary school and university.
  • These contributing factors combined with rising college tuition costs are seeding doubt across the middle class that the significant investment required is translating to post-graduate ROI such as employment opportunity and security and the better wages required to payoff student loans.

Our philosophy as a company has always been to deliver simple, effective, and empowering tools to educators to help them inspire the learning of each individual child and parents, and fortify their collective belief that regardless of socio-economic divide and adversity, they can dramatically change their child’s “life chances”. In my view, it’s now more important than ever for every family to not only understand that a quality primary, secondary, and college education is attainable, but BELIEVE IT.  Generations before us relied on hard work and with the motivational ideal that a college degree was the clear path to a better life.  Today, the ubiquity of online educational resources, regardless of subject, grade level or language, benefits students in ways no previous generation has ever been able to enjoy. Our role as educators is to help children recognize their learning strengths, understand their weaknesses, and leverage educational technology in partnership with the irreplaceable tradition of passionate teachers at school and actively involved parents at home to deliver the effective and personalized educational support today’s children need to achieve their goals and inspire their dreams.

What are your schools doing within your communities to make sure the divide doesn’t get deeper?  We invite your perspective on our FB or Twitter or comment right here.

Dr. Jim Lewis, CEO


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Posted: December 11th, 2012