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Welcome to Silverback Sunday Post. Each Sunday the Silverback team brings you K-12 education news you may have missed from around the nation during your busy work week. If you have articles, blog posts, or news items relevant to the K-12 ed space that you would like to share, please send them to us at contact@silverbacklearning.com.

Just enough, just in time, just for me. That’s how author Terry Heick defines personalized learning in his article posted in TeachThought earlier this year. At SIlverback Learning Solutions we are all about personalizing the learning process and, as Dr. Jim Lewis says, “… not letting one child fall through the cracks.”  We built our Student Achievement Solution (StAS) to enable teachers to reach and teach all their students. Mr. Heick writes, “Personalized learning is a term that’s becoming increasingly common as education becomes more ambitious and self-aware, moving away from whole class sit-and-get towards a model where new tools (e.g., apps and learning simulations) and new thinking (e.g., blended learning and game-based learning) are used to craft learning experiences that actually fill an existing need.” Read more…

Common Core – some states have embraced the new standards, others have not. If you are a high school math teacher looking for guidance on how CCSS will change high school math, look no farther than this post by Edutopia’s Matt Davis.  Mr. Davis has put together some great resources for high school math teachers to help them navigate the uncharted Common Core waters successfully. Read more…

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” — attributed to Yogi Berra. This post from SmartBlogs writer Jim Dillon is about his experiences as a principal and confronting his uneasiness when introducing new ideas to his staff. He writes, “When I was a principal, standing in front of the staff with any proposed change to present, felt like standing before a fork in the road. I was reluctant to put anything more on their plates, but I also wanted to make positive changes in the school.”  His article, Taking the fork for a change is a fascinating must-read for principals, administrators and teachers.

And finally, if you haven’t see this yet, here’s your chance to start off the week inspired by Georgia Tech sophomore Nicholas Selby. It’s 2 minutes long and it’s awesome and your students will love it too.

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Posted: October 13th, 2013