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We are most proud of closing the achievement gap for minority students and economically disadvantaged students.

Dr. Heather Williams - Superintendent

Gooding School District, Gooding, Idaho

Mileposts helps everyone focus on the data

Gooding School District

Gooding School District, a member of the Mileposts consortium, was nominated for special recognition of academic achievement by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) group that sponsors the “High Schools and Middle Schools That Work” programs. Dr. Heather Williams, GSD superintendent, was asked to speak at the national conference in Tennessee in the summer of 2011 because they had virtually eliminated achievement gaps in economically disadvantaged and ELL populations, while significantly raising achievement scores in all groups. They attributed these results in part to the advantage Silverback/Mileposts had given them in improving focus, differentiating instruction, finding the curriculum lapses in each child’s learning, and multi-grouping on different days to provide specific instruction in those curriculum areas that each child had a weakness in, virtually individualizing each child’s learning plan. They also had used the automatic team-building module found in every individualized learning plan to connect teachers and parents in support of the special efforts made for every child through the Mileposts process.


Gooding Math Graph

Gooding School District (ID) Eliminates Achievement Gaps with Mileposts


In addition to the exceptional academic performance demonstrated by the data gathered from the Gooding School District, Dr. Williams felt that Mileposts was most instrumental in helping create the Professional Learning Communities in her school. She is now working with our technical staff to create an advanced screening tool she can use to keep track of how many times parents of a teacher’s classroom have been contacted from the notes module so she can use it in their Pay for Performance plan required by the State Department of Education.