Proven Success

With Mileposts, teachers can easily look at every student in their class and understand their strengths and weaknesses to provide data-informed interventions in the classroom at the point of instruction.

Scott Woolstenhulme - Assistant Superintendent

Bonneville Joint School District 93, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Unlocking The Potential Of PLC’s To Support Personalized Student Learning

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  • Bonneville School District (Idaho School District #93, Idaho Falls, Idaho).

  • 500 teachers and 11,000 students.

  • Despite the state’s focus on testing and results, the District and its educators did not have accumulated data and insights into year over year student performance on state or district exams.

  • Teachers lacked the ability to determine individual student skill area strengths and weaknesses.

  • Teachers lacked ability to prescribe and track interventions targeted to specific areas of student need.


As Bonneville School District entered the 2012-2013 school year, they had three primary goals:

  1. Meaningfully personalize education for every student with aid of better data insight.

  2. Realize higher achievement results.

  3. Help teachers accomplish this seamlessly within their daily classroom activity.


  • Automate complete overall assessment of the students against district benchmarks, which the teachers and administrators never had before.

  • Leverage the data insights to create a personalized learning plan for every student, and track achievement growth throughout the school year.

  • Connect teachers differently by implementing “teacher teams” to collaborate around common classroom achievement goals, and share best practices and strategies.

  • Develop a transparent system internally that held all stakeholders accountable for their success.

  • Provide periodic measurement of individual student, class and school progress throughout the district, and use the data insights to inform and refine program elements.


  • What do we want all students to learn and be able to do?

  • How will we know if they’ve learned the materials?

  • What do we do if they haven’t learned it?

  • What do we do if they already know it?

  • How do teachers focus on results they don’t have?



  • Deployed Mileposts in all of Bonneville’s 20 schools through the following process:

    • Loaded 3 years of state test results, established district achievement benchmarks and the Reading Indicator Scores data to provide composite view teachers never had before.

    • Delivered any-time access and accurate up-to-the-minute student personal demographic, educational, and achievement data (with nightly updates from synchronized nightly with the school’s Student Information System, PowerSchool, to maintain accurate class roster relationships.

    • Uploaded new assessments with automatic benchmarking for every student: Immediate Student Assessment Capability: Student Achievement + Growth Star Assessment Screenings were immediately performed and uploaded into Mileposts to set a baseline for the entire district.

    • Trained teachers over 2-days on the process for using data to select & differentiate instruction using learning plans and interventions.

    • Followed-up in six months with cumulative data of how many plans and interventions were created and what the growth was for those students, through Mileposts advanced filtering and reporting.


  • Immediate Return on Investment (ROI):  The district saved the cost of needing to hire a full-time, dedicated assessment administrator for the district, and Mileposts was able to compile the results and share with teachers more rapidly, meaning they could convert what used to be data gathering time into focused instructional time.

  • Personalized Learning:  Automated individual student learning plans were established enabling teachers and principals to evaluate students in two dimensions: achievement, and growth.

  • Intervention Management: Mileposts helped school leaders catalog, manage, and monitor interventions and accommodations according to RTI tier-based methodology, and understand which interventions being used were most effective.

  • Teacher Adoption:  Teachers embraced the value, ease of use and results of the Mileposts system. Bonneville educators  are now taking the next step  and are enhancing individualized plans to target those areas they are weak in and strengthen the other areas.

  • Coming out on top: For school year 2012-2013 the Bonneville School District 93 came out on top of the other eastern Idaho school districts with the most schools to receive 4 and 5 stars in the state’s 5-Star Rating accountability system.


by Scott Woolstenhulme, Bonneville’s Director of School Improvement & Technology

“When I think back to when I started teaching, 30 kids per class, 6 classes to 180 kids, I had no idea what they knew, what they didn’t know, and what they already learned in their previous classes so I taught all the kids the same content regardless of if they had already known that or not. With Mileposts, teachers can easily look at every student in their class and understand their strengths and weaknesses to provide data-informed interventions in the classroom at the point of instruction.”

“The fundamental reason why I am in education is to make a difference for every student. That’s what Mileposts help me achieve, and frankly I don’t know another way we could have gotten there without the benefit of a system like Mileposts.  The Silverback team has been phenomenal working with us, probably the best support I’ve had from any company I’ve worked with when it comes to education or technology. Our district is comprised of over 500 teachers and 11,000 students.  As the district technology director, I was concerned about performing a large scale, district-wide implementation of Mileposts, because historically some of our previous technology rollouts had fallen flat from an adoption and teacher satisfaction perspective.  The Silverback Learning Solutions team came in October 2012 and spent 3 days with us. They helped us provide well-organized training on the system for all the teachers in our district, and the implementation process and support was exceptional. Silverback’s continued support has been amazingly responsive as well.”

“If we didn’t have the Mileposts system, the kids would suffer the most. Teachers would be right there with them because they wouldn’t have that complete picture of what we have now. Looking forward, we are excited to prepare to implement Mileposts parent portal, so every stakeholder in the learning equation can share the same focus on their child’s individualized learning and make each students learning experience the very best that it can be.”post-register-d93-aug-edge-1