Proven Success

Mileposts truly encompasses the concept of a learning community because it focuses on the concepts that benefit students in our educational system today: data-driven decisions, individualized planning and differentiated instruction.

Tanya Seeds, Principal and Title I Coordinator, Douglas Primary School, CCSD #1

Converse County, Wyoming

Using Silverback Mileposts to Drive Improved Student Learning

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  • Douglas Primary School (Converse County School District #1, Douglas, Wyoming)

  • 17 classroom teachers (9 Kindergarten and 8 First Grade) and 260 students

  • Despite the district’s focus on benchmarking and progress monitoring, the data being collected was not stored or reviewed in a manner in which students’ deficits were targeted

  • Although the district had many researched based programs for interventions there was no specific way to track which interventions were successful.

  • Staff lacked the ability to prescribe, implement and track interventions to each specific student.

  • All students were exposed to various interventions within the classroom (sensory, behavior and academic) however this information was not carried over from classroom to classroom or year to year.


As Douglas Primary School (Converse County School District #1, Douglas, Wyoming) entered the 2013-14 school year, they had four primary goals:

  1. All benchmarking and progress monitoring data will be entered into each student’s e-file in Mileposts on a weekly basis.

  2. Student data from e-files will be used during RTI and PLC meetings to drive discussion in order to improve instructional strategies.

  3. All interventions will be documented, opened, and closed during the duration of use and progress monitoring notes detailing overall success during interventions will be created.

  4. Any additional interventions or tools utilized within the classroom (sensory, behavior and academic) will be documented within each e-file on a quarterly basis.


  • Organize regular PLC meetings within each grade level where all data is reviewed and student concerns are discussed on a bi-monthly basis.

  • Implement teaching teams where engagement videos are created, shared and evaluated. Goals for specific engagement practices will be created and implemented within each classroom.

  • Require Tier 0 Environmental Adjustments and Tier 2 Behavioral Interventions as components to any e-file if applicable in the classroom.

  • Develop a transparent system internally that holds all stakeholders accountable for student success.

  • Review student progress based on the triangulation of data points, including NWEA, Aims-Webb and core reading curriculum.


  • What information is vital to student achievement?

  • How can data be used to better prescribe interventions to focus on deficiencies?

  • How can the data be used to identify a student in need of a new intervention?

  • In what ways can data be used to compare and contrast students within a grade level not just within the classroom?


  • Deployed Silverback in all CCSD #1 schools including Douglas Primary School:

    • Loaded 2 years of state test results, established district achievement benchmarks in both NWEA and Aims-Webb with PAWS and ACT being added in the upper grade levels.

    • Delivered any-time access and up-to-the-minute student demographic, educational, and achievement data synchronized nightly with the school’s Student Information System, PowerSchool, to maintain accurate class roster relationships.

    • Uploaded new and existing interventions for every student. Interventions at the primary level are based on the big five in reading; alphabetic principle, phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.

    • Trained teachers on a regular basis throughout the year. Trainings included after school professional developments, grade level meetings, staff meetings, and on an individual basis.

    • Followed-up bi-monthly to ensure student data was properly entered, interventions were updated with notes provided, progress monitoring scores were added and additional information was inputted as needed. This information was utilized during PLC meetings, checked each quarter and on a regular basis by the instructional facilitators and principals.


  • Improved Data Analysis (ROI):  Mileposts was able to compile the results and share with teachers more rapidly, meaning they could convert what had previously been data-gathering time into focused instructional time.

  • Personalized Learning:  Automated individual student learning plans were established enabling teachers and principals to evaluate students in two dimensions: achievement, and growth. This aided in direct instruction to meet the individualized needs of each student.

  • Intervention Management: & Tracking : Silverback provided professional development to assist staff in creating, managing, and analyzing all interventions and accommodations according to RTI tier-based methodology.

  • School-wide Promotion of Philosophy:  Staff learned the importance of Silverback Milepost through the analysis of data, documentation and student progress.

  • Glow for the Year: For the 2013-2014 school year, the Primary School met and exceeded the CCSD #1 School Board expectations in proficiency NWEA Map Reading scores (Kindergarten 85% students proficient and 1st Grade 89% students proficient.)