Teachers – Please Follow Mileposts End of the Year Protocol!

By: Marcia Rausch

The end of the year is near.  We hope it has been a fulfilling year for you and your students.
    1. First, it is now time to begin closing out all the interventions you have put in place throughout the current year.  From the Mileposts home screen, click on “My Interventions”.
      Click on My Interventions
      From the My Interventions screen, open each intervention by clicking on the blue and click on the “Edit”.  Then open the “Outcome” tab and complete the outcome as follows:
      How to close an intervention

      1. Set the date for the end date of this intervention.
      2. Choose the outcome.
      3. Hours are optional, but it is helpful if you have the information, or can estimate.
      4. The Narrative is optional as well, but this is where you can document student’s progress toward the intervention goal, and your recommendation for next year.  Keep this short and to the point.  (See example.)
    2. Next, you must close out all Mileposts/RTI Plans at the end of each year.  You can look at the Programs, Plans, and Interventions class page to get a list of students in your class who have one of these plans.  Click on one of those students.  Once you are in their RTI/Educational Support Tab of their file, you will scroll down to the current year’s Mileposts/RTI plan and open it by clicking on the year (left hand column).  Be sure that you have entered the Plan Approval date, then proceed to the bottom of the plan to the section to “Close Plan and Enter Final Outcome”.
      Add Approval
      Open this box by clicking on the “Close Plan”
      Close Plan

      1. Choose the Plan Outcome
      2. Choose the Recommendation – Keep in mind that students who have met targets have done so with the extra supports embedded in this plan.  It is often beneficial to recommend “Continue Plan” for the coming year just to give these students one more year of success with these supports in place.
      3. End Date is generally the end of the school year.
      4. The “Narrative” box is a place to document successes, or areas of continued concerns, as well as data.
      5. Print a copy of the this completed Plan to send home for Parents.  You may want to print a copy for the Cum File if you feel this student may move over the summer
        Close Plan Detail
    3. Status of Other Plans
      • ELP plans are also closed at the end of each year following a similar process as listed above.
      • Gifted and Talented plans are closed out as prescribed by each district.
      • 504 and IEP plans are left OPEN until the time a student is exited.
    4. We have just one more request for you before you go!  Silverback Mileposts is once again nominated for recognition as being a Top 100 Product in District Administration magazine.  Just like last year, the voters will decide who comes out on top.  We need your vote!  Please take a moment to click the link below and tell DA why Mileposts has made a difference for you this year.  Thank you for your support, we cannot do it without you!Please vote now for the Mileposts product from Silverback Learning Solutions!http://www.districtadministration.com/top100
      District Administration Top 100 Products 2012

Enjoy a well-deserved summer of rest and relaxation!   We look forward to our continued work next year with you and your staff.  Pleasemake sure you take note of my contact information below in case you need to contact me now or over the summer.

Marcia Rausch
208.258.2570 (w)
208.481.0394 (c)

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  1. Peggy Leal says:

    I need to edit some narratives in the close-out box at the end of the plan; but the “modify” option has disappeared. Any suggestions?

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Posted: May 21st, 2012