June 21 @ 9:30am

Audience: Secondary

Content: Why Mileposts? How do we implement into a secondary system? How does it improve student achievement and various school-wide systems?

This session will cover:

At-Risk Identification / RTI Process Secondary Level
Implementation Plan Breakdown with start to finish recommendations for       successful system integration and implementation
2014-2015 Data Results of Milepost integration
Data Differentiated Instruction – k…Know your students and ability levels
Discipline – Administrative data and organizing for state reporting, one stop shop for necessary and needed data for PBIS(MBI) and RTI Implementation
RTI for schools with very little time to meet and implement RTI at the secondary level
At risk monitoring for students
 Interventions and Progress Monitors documented and shared
Parent/Guardian Partnerships in a systematic approach

Presenter: Jason Sargent, Principal, St. Ignatius High School, St. Ignatius, Montana

Jason Sargent has been a principal for the past 16 years and a teacher for 8 at the St. Ignatius School District. Jason is a Mileposts facilitator and trainer with 15 years of MBI experience.  St. Ignatius High School is the first reservation school in Montana to reach “Gold” MBI status  and they are excited about their results and shared leadership with students and staff.

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Posted: May 23rd, 2016