Welcome from Dr. Jim Lewis, CEO of Silverback Learning Solutions

Dr. Jim Lewis

Welcome to Silverback Central, our official company blog. Silverback Central will keep you updated on our latest software releases and product tips, as well as the reflections of our management team as we travel the country and talk with educators.  Our hope is that Silverback Centralbecomes a wide open dialogue on the objectives and challenges that we face together in education.  If you are on our Mileposts™ platform, you’ll soon be able to access this blog every time you log in to use the product.  If you are not on the platform, you can always get to the blog from the front page of silverbacklearning.com and/or through our frequent email capsule we’ve named after the folks it is intended to reach: Silverback Nation.  By the way, if you are not on Mileposts, I hope you’ll soon give us an opportunity to gather a group of educators in your district and have a conversation. I promise we will not disappoint you or any of them.  Everywhere we go, we’re being received literally with open arms.

Somebody asked me the other day why that is.  I think it’s because we’re a company with the right solution at the right time.  While everyone else is building longitudinal databases at the state level, we think everything begins at the classroom level– the only location you can actually improve achievement by improving instructional focus. We are growing rapidly because we have created a system that educators can see the need for and begin using right away.  We simply put all usable data in the hands of educators at the point of instruction where it is needed. In addition, that data is automatically provided in each student’s e-portfolio where teachers can instantly create learning interventions and complete individualized learning plans for any and every child as needed.  We’re delivered via the cloud for a seamless deployment that all district technology departments appreciate. The most important aspect of Mileposts is that it is easy and intuitive to operate and it saves teachers time so they will use itconsistently to identify curriculum holes, differentiate instruction, eliminate learning gaps, and provide support structure and documentation for all students as well as their parents.

We’ve been out on the road showing this vision to schools for over a year now.  It’s garnered us customers in a growing number of states, as well as many new friends along the way.  While we’ve been on the road, we’ve managed to triple the amount of developers who are now building great new features like progress monitoring and improved dashboard displays that you’ll soon hear all about.  Somewhere during our travels we also managed to move into new offices at 412 E. Parkcenter in Boise.  We hope to eventually get back to those offices.  Or maybe we’ll just stay on the road spreading the word, and have our development team enable the tools for us to blog and communicate and run the company from anywhere.  That’s what a savvy internet company does nowadays, right?


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Posted: March 8th, 2012